Saturday, March 26, 2011


Friends and Family,

It is always good to come home to our roots. I have been in Montana for a week now. I am here to promote our Mission and also to raise needed funds for our Clinic.

Montana is a state with gorgeous mountains, rivers, snow, and beautiful people. One does feel at HOME. I am blessed and happy that the roads are clear and only sprinkles of SNOW. I have been up north to KALISPELL, and Missoula. I visited St Matthews school, where the children have had fund raisers for the Mission, most recently selling candy; I spoke at the parish of Risen Christ there also. I have beautiful weavings and beaded jewelry to sell from Fair Trade groups in Guatemala, which also helps us care for the sick at the clinic. I visited with the group of students of the University of Montana Campus Ministry, in Missoula, who will visit our mission in May. I spent a lunch time at Carroll College selling crafts at the CUBE. Many from their Campus Ministry dropped by to visit. They did a fund raiser with letter writing for the Clinic. THANKS YOUSE GUYS, as we say in BUTTE! Now I am in Bozeman, MT., again with a Campus Ministry Parish, Resurection Parish, of Montana State University. Many younger folk are concerned about the needs of the Poor in the World!

Tomorrow I am off to BUTTE, my HOME. It is always good to go up to my neighborhood, visit friends, and yes to go up the HILL to the Copper Mines! My dad was a miner and died when I was in highschool in the Mountain Con Mine. I always go there to pause and say a prayer for my beautiful Irish DAD! Then back to Helena, and on to LOLO to visit family, then to Hamilton, and St Francis Parish. From there to Bellevue WA. to the Assembly of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace, a Congregation of Religious women of Great Faith and Wisdom, of which I am an Associate; they are dedicated to PEACE AND JUSTICE in the World. Then home to Guatemala, to my buddy COCO, my cocker spaniel. I will be home for HOLY WEEK in GUATEMALA.

Pray for my safe journey. THANKS!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clinica Maxeña celebrates the DAY OF THE WOMAN

Friends and Family,

March 8, was International day of the woman. In many parts of the world, the woman suffers and is derived of her human rights and a victim of violence. In Guatemala women have formed organizations and although much progress has been achieved, much is yet to be done. Violence to women is still prevalent in the city and the country side and there are many women who live on the streets or belong to gangs. Prosecution against perpetrators of violence to women is almost nonexistent in Guatemala.

Our celebration at our general meeting for the woman began with prayer, poetry and music.
The male workers decorated the meeting place with great enthusiasm. Each woman was gifted a mayan shawl. We all shared a cake, coffee and laughter. A happy day and moments to appreciate the gifts of each other.
Belated Happy DAY for all the women in the world and especially those who read this blog.
Please continue your prayers and support for the work of the Clinica Maxeña. Donate on line

I will be going to the North west, next week, for a month for promotion; I will write from there.
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