Friday, November 16, 2012


Friends and Family,
Time flies and with so many helping hands and love we seem to get a lot accomplished.  The eye surgeries, mostly Cataracts, are history.  An intense week as 8 surgeries a day, many patients returned home with the GIFT OF SIGHT.  Good meals served to all the team; wonderful, committed, talented cooks who served over 150 meals to Doctors, clinic workers, Missioners, patients and family each day.

General surgical patients accompanied to two different hospitals with 12 patients recipients to better health. This included a baby who had a cleft lip repaired; this baby had to recover from malnutrition to qualify and we were happy this was accomplished through our Nutrition Project.  Government Hospitals should provide this service but they do not until it is an emergency, such as a strangulated hernia.

Our border, Reyna and infant baby are still with us, but she is doing well as is baby. Reyna is single Mom, with epilepsy and handicap arm and leg.  Her family rejected her at the time of her birth.  We knew her from her epilepsy treatment and pre natal care.  She was a planned caesarean but birth pains came one evening and her women neighbors woke me from my sleep. I knew she had to give birth in the hospital so I called the ambulance and her neighbors accompanied her. She had a normal birth and I picked her up with the baby when the family did not respond. Baby Juana weighed 5 pounds four ounces. We admitted her and the baby to the clinic ward; we put up our new crib. The family has responded at last, with her younger single sister coming frequently to see her and the baby.  Reyna was living in the family kitchen, without a door or ventilation and a dirt floor, and a smokey environment.  We knew she could not live alone. Martin, a neighbor and one of our workers, began to negotiate and counsel the family to their responsibility. We committed to fix her living situation to be a bit more Humane. THIS PROJECT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AND WE HOPE SHE WILL BE WITH HER FAMILY IN DECEMBER.  MORE LATER.

Clinic very busy as we come to end of year. You may also be aware we had an earthquake so life is not dull.  I have strayed a bit from my blog but thank you for your interest and support. Sheila