Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visitors, Challenges, HOPE and the FUTURE

Good Evening Friends and Family,

It seems like the days pass so quickly, and the needs of the people multiply and become more grave. We are confronting a ROYA or FUNGUS on coffee bushes,  Practically all the poor people, who live in the mountain villages, depend on coffee harvest and their small area of coffee for income and survival. This fungus has caused the coffee harvest to fail, not just this year, but predicted will affect next years harvest also. There is HUNGER and no WORK for the POOR.  More patients are knocking on our door, asking for medicine and treatment of acute illness.  More diseases, which before were not common in this area are epidemic; DIABETES, CANCER, MALNUTRICION, AND AIDS IS MORE COMMON IN THE POPULATION AND TUBERCULOSIS HAS MADE A COMEBACK.

This month OUR MISSION is saturated with visitors.  Many of them are dear friends of MISSION and regular donors.  Monty and Tracy Giles of Washington, have been coming to the Mission for over twenty years.  Monty, an Engineer, and talented handyman fixes up many small and big issues around the Mission while his wife Tracy cooks delicious meals for the team. We also welcomed Campus Ministry of Great Falls University for their first visit of MISSION IMMERSION.  AGNI of Sweden, donors and Friends for the last forty years, spent a weekend here for publicity of their organization.  The Rotary of Libby, Montana came to evaluate for a possible future project with our School, Asuncion, and to supervise the termination of a water project in a near by community.  In mid March Opfthalmologists, Surgeons of MONTANA, and Nurses from California will make the Mission humm with activity and many of our patients will have the GIFT of sight restored.

Thank YOU for your financial support and PRAYERS.  Lent is almost over and here in Guatemala, the PASSION and DEATH of JESUS is not only dramatized in the streets of Guatemala, in small towns and cities, it is lived by the people in their daily lives.