Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preparing for WORLD DAY OF HUNGER and The Eye Brigade!

Friends and Family,
We have been very busy at the Clinca Maxeña. We are pleased that the Clinic has a new roof.  Our own worker, Martin, head of maintenance, designed and directed the construction to completion. All are pleased with the success of this project.

The 34th Eye Brigade of Opthamologists, and surgical team of Nurses,
are arriving on October 20th, so we have little time for clean up and set up, for this important Medical service. We have over 300 signed up for eye consult.

We are also celebrating tomorrow, WORLD DAY OF HUNGER, in our GOOD LIFE booth.  Usually we would have this in front of our Parish Church, on a Sunday; time does not allow the workers preparation time. We decided to have a smaller event, in our Good Life Booth, in front of the clinic.  Our Team of Sustainable
Agriculture, are directing this endeavor. We will share without cost, all natural organic snacks,  which includes organic coffee, from our Coffee Cooperative, established by our Mission in the sixties, wheat bread, organic tortillas made fresh on site on an Onil stove, black beans with Xipilin,  a natural herb, from our garden. Most in our audience will be patients awaiting consult. There will be lots of health teaching on diet, sustainable agriculture, and protection of the environment.

We are mostly seniors now at the Mission. Times are changing, as is the concept of Missionary, and the number of persons of Faith, who work in foreign countries, for their Church. We have to embrace change, as our work moves into the hands and hearts of local people. Thank You.

A picture of our Good Life Booth on WORLD DAY OF HUNGER, and Martin, standing on our new roof of the Clinica Maxeña.