Friday, September 27, 2013

Midwives and a SPECIAL PATIENT

Good Evening Friends and family,

The Clinic is always busy.  More sick, more Poor with acute illnesses and less funds to help them.

One very special patient and her two young children come often to our clinic. Isabela, the Mom, is an epileptic whom we provide her medications.  She has several scars from falls and burns. She has two young children.  Their home is extremely poor and rarely is their food visible in the outdoor kitchen. Her husband is an alcoholic.  Isabela is in her ninth month of pregnancy. We have tried to convince her to go to the hospital to give birth but we know this will not happen.  I have become acquainted with her midwife and often visit and bring some food for her and the children.  I have gotten the infants clothes ready for birth and have seen the midwife materials for receiving the baby.  Manuela, the midwife, is visiting Isabela now every two days and her birth date nears.  She has at times slept in the home, even though Isabela is not yet with birth pains. Manuela is in her sixties and has been delivering babies in the area for the last 22 years. She lives about a fifteen minute walk from Isabela's home.
If you are following Facebook of the Clinica Maxeña, you are aware that Isabela did concede to go to Hospital for delivery of her baby.  She had a six pound baby boy, by Cesarean dilivery.  She is now back in the clinic and her two small children are accompanying her and enjoying their new baby brother, Diego.  A good ending makes all very well and all content.

Her living conditions of her home leave much to be desired. We hope to improve this situation when campus ministry students come in the Spring.  Stay tuned. Thank you for prayers and donations for our work in Health with Mayan population of this mountainous area.