Saturday, May 23, 2009

Formula and Baby milk need grows.

Friends and family,
Greetings from here in the Clinica Maxeña. I have been off the radar screen a bit as life here has been busy with visitors and stress a bit high as violence in country very present and creeps closer to us. But we must dwell on the positive as we know there are prayers and support surrounding us. Today I want to share a little about our very present and increasing need to supply baby formula and milk and protien nutrition for the malnourished and the moms with insufficient breast milk.

In Guatemala 2.5 pound of formula milk cost approximately $20.00 and Milk for infants in Powder form $10. for 2.5 pounds. We use the national nutritional supplement of Incaparina in powder which is about $1 for a quart of this nutritious drink. The infants and moms must come every 15 days to weigh in and be examined by one of auxiliary nurses. Our Natural Medicine clinic health Promotor has received many workshops on Nutrition and she is scheduling nutrition classes which are mandatory to be part of the Program and receive this milk. The classes are given in the native language of Quiche.

Juana, whose picture is included, is cared by her aging grandparents. In no way were they interested that this little child would be given outside the family to raise. Grandma considers her a treasure. Her parents are alive, but the father accused the mother of possibly being unfaithful and therefore the child was not his. The mother was forced to choose, her husband or the infant; so not to lose the support of her husband she chose to give the infant to the grandparents. Today in Guatemala, GRANDPARENTS day is celebrated. Grandparents are an important, and vital part of family. In most homes the married children share the family home. This is not the situation for the infant pictured. Actually these grandparents are also raising two other children of another sibling. Life is sometimes more complicated for the POOR!

Our project is presently offering one to two cans of formula to most though many need and request more. We are desperately in need of more sponsors. CAN YOU HELP US!

Please make your DONATION check for NUTRITION PROJECT to
Guatemala Nurses FUND
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