Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pasin, a very poor community

Last week we hosted members of Libby, Montana Rotary. They came to visit the community Pasin. Pasin is one of the poorest communities we serve. This is evident as you enter their community as there are only a few homes that are constructed with block.The homes are built with wood or bamboo and tin roofs. Less than five have graduated from highschool. We have several children receiving milk and protein supplement from the area because of severe malnourishment. The Rotary of Libby have plans to upgrade the water availability for people in the community. Their system is very old and most families only have water at night. Water is in cement sinks outdoors and for many they share the water source with two or three other neighbors.
The project will not begin until 2010.

Manuel, 14yrs old, who suffered severe burns from firecrackers is from this community. His father is disabled and unable to work and his mom has a chronic illness. The Libby Rotary responded to our need to provide ONIL stoves to the most impoverished free of charge by purchasing two. While they were here we installed one of these stoves in the home of Manuel. As the picture shows, they had been cooking on the open ground. Firewood was impossible for them to purchase so the father and Manuel would gather twigs from trees from the nearby woodsy area. This gift will be of great service to this family. Each stove costs $100. You too can respond to this need by sending a donation to our Mission.
Guatemala Mission
Nurses Fund
PO Box 1729
Helena, MT.
Note that it is for ONIL STOVE:
thanks much and PEACE to all your family.