Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Friends and Family,

End of year is always very busy at the Mission but yet there is no vacation for the sick and poor. Our clinic continues very busy. Daily we send one or two patients to the government hospital that we must track. This morning we heard Manuela, our child with Leukemia, had a difficult night with bleeding in the Cancer Center for children. We are currently awaiting a call from her doctor. A four month old infant had to be rushed to hospital the weekend for emergency transfusion of blood for severe anemia. This infant, Catarina, was discharged four days later, smiling and breast feeding.

We have visitors here. Monte and his wife Tracy, from Richland, Washington, have been here almost a month. Monte has repaired our water pressure for the Mission, installing a reserve tank and pressure pump. Water is vital here and as all over the world there is a scarcity; the water in this area has been affected greatly by the Volcano fire. Chris, another friend of the Mission, is here to share in the Christmas celebration for the elderly; she brought her bag stuffed with small gifts for seniors.

Myself and Tracy visited the Coffee Cooperative in one of the villages, PASAC. This Cooperative of coffee is thriving today. It was begun by the first Montana Pastor of the Diocese of Helena, James Tackes. Coffee harvest is in process and for the first year the women of the Cooperative have succeeded in obtaining a name for their coffee, "CAFÉ FEMININO". This aspect of the coffee production is a WOMEN´s Project. The labels are not yet ready but they have begun to sell some of the bagged product. We will be investigating how this production and cooperative can continue to thrive. It would be meaningful for the Diocese of Helena, as one of the initiators of the Coffee Cooperative, if we could assist in some way the export of Coffee directly to people of the CHURCH OF MONTANA! Campus Ministries from Montana are interested in this project and we hope we can make it reality.

I am including a photo of Alberta, one of the young women in charge of the WOMEN´s project of CAFÉ FEMININO:

Another very important celebration for our Mission was the high school graduation at LA ASUNCION on November 27th. Included is a picture of Alex Woelkers, volunteer and graduate of Carroll College, with some of the graduates. Alex has lived and shared with the students at ASUNCION since his arrival in June to our MISSION.

As always your prayers and support are needed.
Happy Advent Season as we prepare for the Birthday of Jesus!!