Friday, November 26, 2010


Friends and family,
All of us have family members, friends who live with DIABETES! It is a serious disease but one learns to live with. THE UNITED NATIONS HAS DECLARED DIABETES A World Wide EPIDEMIC. World Day of DIABETES was November 14. The CLINICA MAXEÑA commemorated the day today. Diet, Exercise, Medication, are the keys to success and living a healthy life with this disease. Today in the clinic, 65 persons attended the forum where our Doctor EVER, himself a diabetic, presented the theme. Glucometer checks and Blood Pressure checks were also done. Four new Diabetics were diagnosed, including one of our cooks. Several known diabetics, type 2, had glucoses over 300. Our clinic also promotes medicinal plants for Diabetes. These medicinal plants are more acceptable in the MAYAN culture and important to support chemical medicine with our patients. The Ministry of Health provides no medications. The Clinica Maxeña also has a Diabetic Club. We hope in 2011 to have many new members. Our emphasis is on NUTRITION and Exercise. THANK YOU FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Patients with Type 1 cannot afford Insulin so most of our patients receiven this medication free of charge and also the syringes. Blood glucose in our laboratory is less than three dollars. PLEASE HELP US in our STRUGGLE TO CONTROL DIABETES. THANK YOU!!!

Enclosed are pictures of WORLD DAY OF DIABETES! including Dr Ever presenting theme.
I also include a picture of THANKSGIVING DINNER; SRS MARY AND ANNA and Father Hazy. I took the picture and our volunteer, Jake Nistler is in language School. So Belated Happy Thanksgiving Day from all of us.