Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Friends and Family,

The Movie, The River Runs Through it! was a very popular movie and was filmed in Montana, my HOME state. As we returned from a march on AIDS, in one of our neighboring townships, we stopped in the home of one of our workers, Manuel. We all had a pop at his small store, in his home. As we approached his home through a back road, we were amazed at a field of green; for me it brought back memories of this movie. We learned that planted in this field is a herb, Berro, that is healthy and a favorite for stews by the Mayan population. This field of green has several owners, as each local owner has a small plot planted. This gorgeous field is irrigated by one of the largest rivers that provides water to the area, the Ixtacapa. What a BLESSING! The owners of this field sell their product in markets of different communities; they also use it in their meals of stew and vegetable patties. This blessing helps prevent hunger in their community and also is healthy to their diet and provides small income for these POOR families.

Many of our workers bought a small bundle of the herb for less than a dollar. It was also an inspiration to our workers for their new clinic project of sustainable agriculture. They saw that it is possible to plant and grow in a small plot, nutritious food for their family consumption, and also make additional profit for their family expenses.

Please stay tuned for more news on OUR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL PROJECT OF THE CLINICA MAXEÑA in 2011!! Thanks and Blessings. Sheila

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