Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Veggies are Planted as World Day of Hunger approaches

Friends and Family,
This past week, our agricultural team spent another day with Mother Earth. This time we planted some of the unused land on our mission property, as a demonstrative garden, with several vegetables and herbs. The clinic agricultural team will complete this phase of the project next week; we hope to have a few of the vegetables and herbs for our Organic Produce Fair on October 16, World Day of Hunger. We know we will have a lot of the herb, BERRO, to use in some delicious recipes and also to sell that day. Also we will have a delicious Chicken stew we are calling Organic chicken stew, LA MAXEÑA! One of my dear organic chickens will be enjoyed by many.

Today, mothers of malnourished babies came together to learn new concepts of how they can supplement their babies diet, pick up infant formula, weights obtained, and a few ill babies had doctor consult. They also visited the newly planted garden.

Keep tuned as our project expands and World Day of HUNGER draws near!

TODAY also is International Day for Peace. Workers paused for a minute in prayer for individual PEACE and PEACE in our World!

Attatched is a photo of the team watching as two women workers, Estefana and Maria, plant Amaranta, a plant rich in protein. Another photo, shows some of the mothers with malnourished infants, visiting the newly planted garden.

Blessings of PEACE from Guatemala!

Remember you can donate on line at www.diocesehelena.org and note it is for the Clinica Maxeña. Thank you for your support and interest.