Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CHAJINEL goes home to his BRIDE!

Friends and Family,
If you have visited our Mission, you have met CHAJINEL. Chajinel is a beautiful Husky; his name in the Mayan indian dialect is "GUARD". I got him as a puppy with intention of giving him to the dormitory students at ASUNCION; this was in 2006. That did not work out and I grew attached to him. He quickly became a big doggie and I could not keep him at my bedside. I had built a fenced small yard with a doggie house, behind our kitchen; he was a good watch dog. He was restless at times, as would be for a Husky, not able to run freely.

I knew I had to find him a new home. Last night he went to the home of his new BRIDE, a beautiful female Husky. The owners are friends, and the wife, Sheila, is also my godchild. I am happy with his new home. I WILL MISS GREETING HIM EACH DAY!

Attached Photos of Chajinel with me, A LAST HUG, and leaving for his new home, ACCOMPANIED BY THE TWO CLINIC WORKERS, WHO FED AND CARED FOR HIM!