Monday, April 30, 2012


Friends and Family,

A very busy week. Rotarians from Montana here for inaugurations of the GIFT OF WATER, to two communities and near 500 families!  THANK YOU LIBBY, MONTANA ROTARIANS!

Can you imagine being thirsty and no clean water to drink; to want to bathe but no shower; dirty clothes to wash and not even a river near by!  No, as Americans, we do not even think of that possibility.  But Water is not accessible to more than a billion people in the world.  Our Mission area has many communities that are facing major water scarcity, contaminated water, or NO WATER!

Catholic Relief Services and Rotary International are the greatest contributors to the Vital Liquid to poor countries!  Water availability is affected by agriculture needs, energy production, human consumption and Climate Change, to mention a few!  The United Nations has many great resources on internet,  to become more educated in the need, and the crisis, as PEOPLE of GOD we are facing and responsible for!

Contaminated water causes disease and death to hundreds of children daily in the WORLD.  A single pipe can transform the health of hundreds of families by bringing water access to a village.  The Clinica Maxeña  diagnoses and treats intestinal infection and parasites daily through our Laboratory and Medical consults.  Donations are down due to the world economic crisis.  The Clinica Maxeña does not turn down patients because they cannot pay.  We have to  find a way!  We are called to serve the POOR.  THANK YOU for walking this Journey with us. Donate on line to the CLINICA MAXEÑA at:

I share Photos from our celebration for WATER! in the Community of San Juan Maza, and Sohomip, Palacal.  And of the Rotarians of Suchitepequez, Guatemala and Libby, Montana. We also thank the Guatemalan Engineer, David Ruiz and the many volunteer laborers from the communities that made these projects possible.