Thursday, June 7, 2012


Friends and Family,

June 5, 2012,  was WORLD DAY OF THE ENVIRONMENT; this day was first declared by the UNITED NATIONS, in 1972.  Every year the Clinica Maxeña has celebrated the day in colaboration with  PASTORAL HEALTH OF THE DIOCESE, SUCHITEPEQUEZ/RETAHULEU.  This year, we felt there was an urgent need of environmental messages; we have dedicated a week of two hours every morning,  in front of the Clinic, to different themes.

We have also been promoting our own  environmental products; especially the ONIL stove, ONIL water purifier, and ATOL MAXEÑA. Our Atol Maxeña is a nutritious organic drink, made in our Medicinal Plant Clinic, from organic ingredients; soy, corn, wheat, rice, peanuts, mush and other spices. These ingredients are toasted over an open fire, ground and packaged in one pound bags.  Our Agricultural and Nutrition Project promotes healthy organic vegetables and herbs in our demonstrative gardens.  We produce organic fertilizer with worms and the shell of the coffee bean.  All this information was shared daily with the 20 to 30 patients waiting to see our doctor or visit our diagnostic laboratory.  It was also transmitted the first day by the parish radio.  Since they recorded our educational talks they can continue to educate the public, on our behalf, about these important themes.

The UNITED NATIONS has proclaimed that the GOAL of this WORLD DAY of the ENVIRONMENT is to raise GLOBAL awareness; to take positive environmental action; to motivate people to convert to active agents of sustainable development. The HOPE is to change attitudes towards environmental themes;  to develop cooperation and guarantee nations and persons so they can enjoy a more prosperous and safe future.

The Clinica Maxeña takes this responsibility seriously.  We know we cannot just offer curative medicine and not solutions to prevent disease.  Preventive Health has been part of our service since the CLINICA MAXEÑA was established in 1966.

Thank You for being part of our Journey and Service.  Please continue to support our work with the Poor in this mountainous region of the MAYAN population. You can donate on line at:   Please note for CLINICA MAXEÑA