Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sharing , Planning, Praying in General Meeting of Clinic

Yesterday, we came together as Clinic Workers, to pause, share, pray, laugh and plan for our Event for World day of FOOD and HUNGER. We no longer meet monthly; there are too many sick and we also cannot afford to close the clinic frequently for financial reasons. The Meeting was opened with PRAYER.

Many workers had gone to different workshops, meetings and visits. It is always good to share new ideas with all. Working together with other groups, making new friends and forming alliances also is very important for our work.

Those who visited another Quiche Parish shared first.  This Parish has many similar projects with us; Clinic, Medicinal Plants, Parish School, Farm animals, Sustainable Agriculture, Mayan Culture, and Quiche language. Exciting also for our workers was to share with their Spiritual Guide about Mayan Culture and the Mayan Celebration of 13 Ba'kun. We hope to form an alliance with them. Also exciting the Parish Workers of Santa Maria Chiquimula are planning a visit to our Parish Projects and hopefully for World Day of Hunger.

Miguel shared for three workers who went to another fascinating workshop on native SEEDS, and how to create a SEED BANK. They were able to bring back some seeds for Plants we do not have but soon we hope to in our Medicinal Plant Garden. This Project is also very MAYAN oriented and very knowledgeable of the Mayan Calendar and upcoming celebration of 13 Bak´ un.

Martin shared on the Pastoral Health gathering on the Environment. We shared with all the print copy of Bishop Pablo's Day on Humanization of Health and the GOSPEL. Our Bishop meets and shares this theme twice a year with Health Workers of the Diocese and the Clinic is always present with many delegates.

The last hour was planning our event of World Day of Hunger. The sustainable Agriculture will hold another planning meeting before October 14 to be sure all is ready and organized.

Sebastian gave a short sharing of the coming CELEBRATION of 13'Bakun; this is the end of the Mayan Calendar Year and the beginning of the next. This will be a Big Celebration and many countries that have Mayan Roots. Yes, the Clinic will celebrate 13'Bakun and we are blessed to have Sebastian to guide our Celebration; this celebration day is December 21, 2012.  Rumors and press were claiming this as the END OF THE WORLD but it is not!  The Clinic will have information days with Sebastian and others to prepare. Already each worker knows his NUWAL. Today we presented a very antique Mayan GOD which will be part of our celebration. We were gifted this precious antique just this week.

We finished our meeting with delicious organic chuchitos made with a piece of chicken and sauce and organic fresca of lemon and strawberries. The BANDA LA MAXEÑA PROVIDED MUSIC.