Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fire Wood for the POOR

Last week we bid farewell to one of two La Ceiba trees that were planted over forty years ago on our mission ground. The tree had a large split in it and as these tree are the National tree of the country, and their trunks and branches are huge and heavy. We could not risk possible damage to property or life; we had to eliminate one. There seemed a certain saddness to see it come crashing down with the assist of seasoned tree cutters and volunteer personell. This corner however is now much brighter than before. Today other workers are cutting the huge branches and trunk with electric saws. We will donate the firewood obtained to the very poor who do not have access and often suffer in being able to cook and have food available for their families. Sr. Anna and Diego from Pastoral Ministry are choosing the neediest and elderly for this gift of firewood.

The LA CEIBA TREE is an important element in the Mayan Culture. It is known as the TREE of LIFE. Often I sit outside in the morning with my coffee and watch beautiful yellow and orange birds fly in and around the trees. So often we dont appreciate or enjoy the beautiful surroundings and peace we all enjoy in the environment our creator gifted to us!