Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clinica Maxeña in 2010

Friends and family,
The New year has begun with much activity and many consults and emergencies in the Clinic. There are many other health centers in the area but it does not seem to decrease our statistics. Many of our patients are chronic illnesses that must be followed. This would not happen in the Public Health System.

We are happy to report on one youth, Catarina, 14 years, and one year ago paralyzed from the neck down. is now enrolled in her second year of Junior High at Asuncion, our Parish School. Her diagnosis of auto immune muscle disease has responded to steroids and she continues in care of a Neurologist and taking daily steroids. She can do moderate exercise, and walk without difficulty. Her diagnosis came after consultation of specialists, hospitalization, and special diagnostic tests.

Feliza, another youth who also had several consults of specialists, diagnostic tests, intestinal biopsy, before she was correctly diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the Intestinal tract. She is also back in school and gaining weight and happy. Her treatment will be for an extended time.

This weekend we admitted by ambulance, to the nearby National Hospital, an 80 year old woman from our parish who had fallen and has a severe thigh fracture. It still is not known if they will operate and place a metal prothesis in her fracture as other doctors will evaluate her as to her risks for surgery. Unfortunately many elderly patients are denied surgery and spend the rest of their lives bedridden and at the mercy of others for basic needs. We will pay for the prosthesis and also someone to oversee her recovery for six months in the Clinica Maxeña if she should have surgery.

Juana, another frequent patient at our clinic is recovering with us from Gallbladder surgery. For four months we waited and made visits to consult at the National hospital in vain to have her surgery performed there. This is our first surgery experience with a Brigade of American Surgeons with the Church of Christ in a nearby town. Her surgery was less than one hundred dollars and was done with minimal invasion and technique of video cameras. She is happy now to be free or pain and will be more available now to her children.

We are preparing for a Brigade of Opthamologists in February for eye operations, mostly Cataracts. These specialists, with their surgical nurses, will come from California and Montana. Patients who can pay give a donation of 100. dollars for their surgery which helps the budget of the Clinic. Many of the patients do not pay anything because of their poverty. We are greateful for the generosity of these Physicians for this valuable service.

This week Guatemala also had a heavy tremor so we remember in prayer and concern the People Of Haiti.

Thank You for your assistance to those we serve.
Enclosed photos of the two youth, Feliza and Catarina, who continue to recover their health and a photo of Maria, our elderly patient in the hospital, with a severe fracture. Prayers for her.