Saturday, January 9, 2010

TOMAS leaves the CLINIC

Good Morning Friends and Family,

With the dawn of the New Year comes some changes in the Clinic. Yesterday we celebrated the Retirement of Tomas, who has been with the Mission and Clinic for 42 years. Tomas has been one of the Mission Night guards and Clinic Janitor; he has been the most loved and respected of our workers. He has eight children, 42 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren too. He is very active in the parish, visiting the sick, a communion minister, and also goes to jail to visit inmates. He is one of the few Mayan elders who is sought out to fulfill the custom to accompany parents when they request the daughter of another for marriage to their son. We know his life now at a retired person will be very busy and fulfilling. Our celebration was at a nearby plantation with soccer field and swimming pool. The Clinic Band provided joyous music and the cooks provided a delicious barbecue. His presence in the Clinic will be missed by ALL! I include a picture of Cirilo, clinic accountant, presenting a gift from the Clinic workers to TOMAS LOPEZ.

Next week we will welcome Angel Soval. Angel, psychologist, Mayan and Quiche speaking, will begin to work in the clinic one day a week. He has been accompanying our patients with AIDS, as this is his area of speciality. He will also see patients with emotional issues in the Clinic. We hope in the future to increase his hours as the need is great. Accompanying patients with AIDS is a Ministry of Pastoral Health and one the Clinica Maxeña has been very involved. I include a picture of the Clinica Maxeña´s recent participation in World AIDS Day. A group of patients living with AIDS, with Angels guidance, presented theatre of how they live with their disease and discrimination.

As we begin the new year I thank you for your continued interest and support.


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