Sunday, February 28, 2010

Visitors and Busy Days

This is a repeat of a blog I deleted by error.

The past days have been busy since the chirping of birds and roaring by of the early morn buses. To remind us of the fragility of life we have had occassional tremors and now the news of another devastating earthquake in Chile.

Visitors also have been present in our Mission. The opthamology team left and shortly after two good friends of mine arrived. Jerry, an organic farmer, and his wife Margy, a Maternal Infantil Nurse from Seattle. Since they were bi lingual in Spanish they were able to particpate in some important meetings and plans for a nutrition project. Jerry spent his days in our Medicinal, Nutrition garden, helping to plant more vegetables and left plans for organic compost and worm bed!! Malnutition continues a serious health problem. Margy participated in our Nutrition class with our malnourished children and moms and share important information on Breast feeding and the nutritional value of breast milk. Our hope is to improve the nutrition of the moms which would enable them to have better quality and quantity of breast milk. It is a slow process!

Last Wednesday I had to accompany the ambulance and a 16 yr old student from Asuncion, our parish school, to a private hospital with a diagnosis of ruptured appendix. A competent surgeon performed emergency appendectomy and though she suffered severe peritonitis she appears to be recovering. We hope to bring her back to clinic tomorrow to contnue healing. These are unexpected expenses to our budget but necessary. In the clinic she will be sharing space in our clinic infirmary with another patient from our parish, Maria, 85 years, who is recovering from surgery from a serious femur fracture. We have hired a quiche speaking nurses aide to provide needed care during the day to Maria. She is visited frequently in our clinic by parishioners and friends.

This weekend Margy and Jerry have returned home to Seattle and our Dental team and friends, Chris, dentist and wife, Aislinn have arrived from Helena, with three Dental Students. They will begin tomorrow to provide valuable, free dental care to our dormitory students at Asuncion and workers from the Clinic. This is their third journey here. THANK YOU TO THEM AND OTHERS WHO SHARE THEIR TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE!

Our Diabetic Club continues to increase in members who come monthly to receive valuable information, glucose and Blood Pressure checks. This past week the Nutritionist from our Diocese provided the theme.

Photos included are of Maternal Health Nurse, Margy Hinch in our Medicinal Clinic with Micaela, Clinica Maxe├▒a worker and a Mother and child receiving instructions.
Second Photo is Sandra, student, recovering from Appendectomy surgery.

Again we thank you for your presence and valuable support to our work.

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Blessings! SHEILA