Friday, March 5, 2010

Dental Team returns HOME!

Good afternoon from the Clinica Maxeña!
This morning Friends of our Mission left after a busy, successful week of dental care for youth of our school and workers of the Clinica Maxeña. Chris Mast, dentist and his lovely wife Ashlinn, from Helena, MT. have provided this valuable service now for three years.They were accompanied by three dental students, Alan, Brian and Casey. Unfortunately in this country, Dental Care is not considered an aspect of health care by the Ministry of Health but reserved for those with considerable economic possibilities.

The poor have health promotors extract teeth when they are decayed or painful. This service is about four dollars. We would provide this service free when necessary. To save a tooth or have preventive dental care is rare in their reality.

Chris performed 8 root canals, 45 fillings, 28 extractions, and 6 deep cleanings!
For the few who are able to benefit from this service we are extremely grateful and we continue to look for ways that we can improve our dental service. Manuel, a Quiche Mayan dental health promotor does provide extractions, cleaning of teeth and preventive dental care teaching in the Clinica Maxeña!

As always there is time for a soccer game with the visitors and unfortunately this time the CLINICA MAXEÑA team lost to the DENTAL TEAM!!!

Each day there are patients acutely ill requiring immediate care and often hosptilization. As I write this we are waiting the arrival of the town ambulance to transport an 8 yr old child with probable acute appendix. Another child went yesterday also to the hospital with symptoms of liver mass or hepatitis.

Thank You for prayers and support of those we are called to serve.