Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Wearing of the GREEN! March 17

Greeting of the Irish to yas. This has always been a very special day, one to share who ever may be. Today was our monthly general meeting for the clinic personell. Surely none of them have heard of St Patrick, except from me. I rose early to put on my green Irish Princess t shirt, and green earrings. I had already ordered tamales for the meeting and green juice, no beer! I bought a wee green t shirt for my cocker puppy. I put up my calendar from Ireland and ready for the meeting.

Our speaker for the meeting was a Psychologist and medical doctor who also works with another parish clinic. His topic was stress. Clinic workers have stresses, as all of us, but often it is more accented here because of poverty and dealing daily with patients who are acutely ill, sometimes from the effects of hunger. Problems are sometimes beyond our abiity to solve so we are called to accompany our patients in their daily lives. We still have in recuperation in the clinic, Maria, 85 years with a fractured leg, and Sandra, 16yr old Asuncion student, recovering from peritonitis and other complications from ruptured appendix. Both do seem on the road to recovery.

Lent is also slipping by. Religious activities make real this season of Liturgy in our Catholic tradition. Friday evenings, the large statues, in majestic clothing, come out in the streets of town in procession, with a faithful following in silence and candles. Easter approaches.

happy day of the LEPRECHAUN to each and every one.

Love sheila