Friday, April 2, 2010

Holy Week at Home in Santo Tomas La union

Holy Week is on the streets, in our church and on the people´s minds and hearts; many others do take these days to travel or go to the beech. The people who we share our lives with are the poor. They stay at home, go to the processions and religious celebrations and have some special foods. I am going to share pictures of these days with my friends and family, through my BLOG! Blessings of HOLY WEEK!!

1. The photos included are one of our parish Church of St Thomas the Apostle. You can see two lge banners for Holy Week and a large arc decorated with branches and fruits.

2. The large statue of Jesus carrying the cross in procession, stops at a home for veneration at one of the stations of the cross, in front of a home.

3. The Youth of the parish pose for a picture in front of the altar, after carrying the statue of Jesus with the cross, in several processions of Holy week.

4. Leaders of the parish are shown raising Jesus into position on the cross. Note they all wear white gloves for this process.

5. Fr Hazelton, our pastor, is shown in Communion service during good Friday service.

Thank You for accompanying us in our Mission of the Diocese of Helena, MT: