Friday, April 16, 2010


This week the mission is hosting members of the Rotary Club of LIBBY, MONTANA. They are here to at last begin a water project for the impoverished community, PASIN, which is located about 30 minutes from the Clinic. The choosing of the village, the fund raising by the Rotary, and requirements for a Rotary International project, slowed considerably the initiation of the project. The community has doubled in population since they first obtained a water source thirty years ago. Most houses have water only a few hours a day and some none; the tubing is leaking in some places, and very narrow and inadequate throughout. Families would have only one source of water, usually outside in a cement like sink. Most would bathe from this source, using a small basin to throw water on themselves. Very few have outdoor toilets so the coffee fields are very contaminated with fecal material, which also can seep into the water tank, or resevoir for potable water.

The Clinica Maxeña has a very active environmental committee that is also supported and guided by workshops of Pastoral Health of the Diocese here in Guatemala. The 2010 theme for International day of Water is CLEAN WATER FOR A HEALTHY WORLD;
IT INCLUDES CONSERVATION AND PROTECTION OF RESOURCES OF WATER. In 2009, the area in which we live and work, had a major forest fire on the Volcano PECUL, where all our water sources originate. We are aware that this decreased our water availability for this area by 30%. Deforestation also affects greatly the availabililty of water in our area. The Clinica Maxeña has a smaller SAFE WATER PROJECT for clorination of drinking water; this project moves slowly but steadily as one must convinced families to the value of potable water. We also promote a stove that conserves fire wood, the ONIL STOVE. This stove costs $100. per family, and we have been blessed by many who have gifted a stove for a poor family of our area. THANK YOU!!

We are very grateful for the generosity and committment of the Rotary of Libby, Montana for this very valuable contribution to water for the Community of Pasin.
WATER IS A SOURCE OF LIFE! It is a resource most of us take for granted. Can you imagine your life without water. Thank you for support for our presence in Guatemala.

Photos include the Libby delegation and engineer, David, visiting the water tank, in the community of Pasin, and another of some of the Libby delegation, myself and the engineer, at the Mission of the Diocese of Helena, MT.