Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learning from Others, and Sharing our Knowledge

Friends and Family,

Days slip by. The seasons here are at a different time of Year. This is the Rainy season, considered our winter. Rains have been heavy and travel very difficult. Life goes on and here in the Clinica Maxeña workers travel mostly by bus to different workshop to learn new ideas and share information. Our Medicinal Plant Clinic hosts groups from other clinics and communities to share their experience. The Medicinal Garden and Clinic, project of the Clinica Maxeña was founded over 15 years ago, and has over 100 Medicinal Plants and twenty Nutritive Plants.

Yesterday four from Clinic shared in our General Meeting their knowledge from A THREE DAY WORKSHOP entitled FIELD WORKER TO FIELD WORKER. It was in the fields of a very knowlegeable FARMER and the topic was Sustainable AGRICULTURE. The reality that most of the mountain people do have small plots of unused land, even if minimal. Food crops, to feed their families, must happen to fight the HUNGER that exists in Guatemala! This farm worker proudly shared his knowledge of the importance of organic crops, and animals and how one not only has for his family, but to exchange or sell in the market. His children work in the fields when they are not in school.

These Clinic Workers have proposed starting an Association for CLINIC WORKERS for Sustainable Agriculture. Several workers signed up for chickens, rabbits, or food crops. the Clinic will facilitate some finances for this Association as most our workers are on minimal wage and the Clinic cannot raise salaries as we wish possible.
These four workers will go to two more three day workshops to continue to learn new ideas to share with their fellow companions.

Enclosed is a photo in our Medicinal Plant garden and Juan sharing his expertise with visitors from another community and parish.
Also a photo taken in Clinic meeting with Miguel, Manuel, Sebastian and Miguel, sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge on sustainable agriculture.

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