Friday, August 6, 2010

ASECSA: Organization of Promoters of Health

Friends and Family,

Today I am reminded of the reality how we all need one another and how working together can change the world. In 1978,the Clinica Maxeña was one of five founding members of ASECSA. ASECSA stands for Association of Community Health Services. Today there are over 60 Health organizational members, representing Health Programs from all 22 states of Guatemala. ASECSA provides workshops in Nutrition, Medicinal Plants, agriculture, basic medications, midwife training and a variety of other topics. Two clinic employees, Francisco and Micaela, represent the Clinica Maxeña in bi-annual Assemblies of ASECSA.

This weekend four of our workers are going to a three day work shop presented by ASECSA. The title is "CAMPESINO A CAMPESINO", which translated is field worker to field worker. More than 95% of our workers are Mayan Indigenous and live in town or the surrounding villages. All buy their vegetables on market day. It is notable that the vegetables are no longer organic but are genetically altered, and are produced using chemical fertilizers. Coffee is a main crop here and a cooperative that was initiated over forty years ago by our Mission continues to produce organically grown coffee beans. Our Medicinal and Nutritive garden also is completely organic. These workshops bring field workers together from many parts of the country to share knowledge and learn new ideas how to survive in a global network and to produce only organic food. They are presented by competent professionals who understand the Mayan culture, the needs of the people, and globalization. One topic to be presented will be how to effectively market their produce. When these workers return to the clinic they will share in a general meeting the ideas learned. Many workers are interested in having a small garden at home, or to produce chickens or pigs as an extra income or for consumption.

Photos include: one of three of the workers going to the Workshop, Miguel G. Juan and Miguel A. and Micaela, one of our ASECSA representatives. The second photo is a poster of one of the Manifestations supported by members of ASECSA.