Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maria makes small improvements living with AIDS

just recently I shared the sad reality of 15year old Maria, who is a victim of sexual abuse and now AIDS. We have made two visits to the AIDS clinic with Maria, two hours from our mission clinic. Clinic workers presently are accompanying several patients with the diagnosis of AIDS, from the area we serve. The Catholic Church has campaigned ardently for accompaniement with compassion for persons infected with HIV. Our Parish Clinic has one worker, who represents Pastoral Health for the diocese, for the National Association for AIDS for this region of the country.

Maria has made small but significant changes since she began treatment. She has less nausea and diarrhea and is beginning to eat and drink more fluids. She is more talkative and occassional smiles are a welcome sight. People from our church are coming to pray with and for her at request of her mom. We bought her new more comfortable clothes and coloring books. Fr Hazy donated a big furry dog that he had received as a gift. A Mayan Psychologist has come twice to be with her. Maria, one of our auxiliar nurses spends as much time with her as possible and warm baths are a great comfort to her. Please continue to pray for Maria´s return to health.


Enclosed is a more recent Photo of Maria, with Maria, auxiliar nurse of the Clinica Maxe├▒a.