Thursday, July 15, 2010

When Life seems UNFAIR

Friends and family,
It has been awhile since I have sat to write a bit on my blog. Life has been very busy. The rains come and go and the greatest damage is to the roads, which daily have more bridges out and roads impassable. One learns to adjust to the inconvenience and we remain optimistic that better wheather is ahead.

We have a new young patient in our in patient ward. Maria is 15 years old and has only fourth grade primary education. Her life has been very difficult. She was kidnapped when she was seven years old, apparently in the time when children were being stolen and sold; she was recovered in fifteen days. Details are sketchy. Over two years ago she was sexually abused by a family member. Very sadly she is now HIV positive and with AIDS and Papilomas. This was discovered by our clinic doctor when she was referred here by the catechist of the community. Apparently she was in treatment for sexual disease with a different clinic; she was never checked for AIDS until now. Once we had made the diagnosis, we took her immediately to the AIDS clinic and she started antiviral medication. She will remain in the clinic because of her AIDS symptoms and the malnourishment as long as needed. We also will remain responsible that she takes her antiviral medications. We ask for your prayers and support for this very special young person.

The clinic is very busy with increase in patients coming in with respiratory and gastrointestinal disease; this increase is a result of Storm Agatha and the destruction of water systems. Our Nutrition Project continues to grow, serving more children each month. We are very grateful to all who responded to our plea for support for patients and others who suffered with the storms. This has allowed us to purchase more medication and milk and protein products.

Health care in Government Hospitals has improved, as the present government removed all costs to patients for some exams and medicines; care is completely free. The problem is that the budget did not allow for increase of patients and the reality is the Hospitals lost some revenue they did receive from patients. The management and Doctors are demanding more workers and equipment and medicine for the needs of the patients. Monday the Roosevelt Hospital, the largest Hospital in the country, will go on strike. Other National Hospitals have threatened to do likewise if their demands are not met. This will cause a crisis for the poor and sick, especially with the already increase of disease from the storm and the epidemic of Dengue in the country.