Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIABETES is a Health Issue here and worldwide!

Friends and Family,
Each month our Clinic sponsors Diabetic Club. Today thirty five Mayan men and women came to learn more how to live with their DIABETES. The guest presenter was again the Nutrionist of Pastoral Health of our Diocese here. Diet plays a major role in the control of Diabetes. The common diet for their ancestors was very basic, BEANS, RICE, EGGS, HERBS, and LOTS of Corn Tortilla. Globalization has brought to this society, pop, potato chips, fried chicken, french fries,ice cream and many other snacks. These diet changes have complicated their lives; there is more obesity. Ten years ago everyone walked, sometime miles to another community; few cars were available. Today in our community there are more than one hundred small taxis. Daily these taxis come up the hill to the clinic from the town center, just three blocks away; some workers even use this convenience and cost is equvalent to thirty cents. Exercise and Diet are two important rules to control for the diabetic. Today, Caroline, the Nutritionist, repeated in many interesting ways these rules. Repetition is vital for these people to learn and accept changes in their lives.

At the end of the day an ONIL STOVE was gifted to one of the six Diabetics with perfect attendance for these classes this year; the winner was chosen by a drawing.

Each Club Meeting a different snack is give to the diabetics and often they participate in the preparation. Our Kitchen has two ONIL stoves that we use daily and the promotion and gifting of these stoves is the main environmental project in the Clinic. Thank You to all those who have gifted a stove to a needy family for one
hundred dollars. Remember you can now donate on line at:

Blessings and have a good day.

Attatched are: A picture of Miguel, from Medicinal Plant Clinic, with the plant of Three Point, "Tres PUNTOS", which is an excellent medicinal plant to lower blood sugar. A picture of Carolina, the Nutritionist, discussing Soy flour, and the other picture is Manuela, diabetic and the winner of the Onil stove with our worker, Micaela, in the clinic kitchen.