Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journey comes to a Happy End!

Friends and family,
I will be back in new York with my sister and family tomorrow night!
My last days have been busy as I met with more cousins and with a special aunt, JOSIE and her husband Fred. I then spent two wonderful days with the CSJP sisters at Sacred Heart Convent. Time really to slow down to give thanks to the Lord for a safe and wonderful time with family and friends.

Since both my parents were immigrants from Ireland, I have few relatives in the United States. It was wonderful to spend time with my cousins and to realize how large our family is and what very special people they are. Josie is our last living AUNT and again a very wonderful, gentle woman. The last evening with cousins we went to an Irish Pub, in England, where they let the doggies come in and feel welcome with a bowl of water and a doggie treat!

In visiting Sacred Heart Convent, I met Sister Brigid, who had just celebrated 100 years of LIFE! She is alert, smiling and very present to those around her. It was a privilege to pose with her.
Next week I will go the CSJP Assembly in New Jersey and then HOME to Guatemala. Thank you for accompanying me on my JOURNEY!

A few more Photos!!

Maureen and Mike with Aunt Josie and her husband Fred
Cousin Lorna and her daughter Hatty
ME and Hebie the Pooch at the PUB!
Sister Brigid, CSJP and myself at Sacred Heart Convent