Friday, October 15, 2010


Friends and family,
I have spent many days in London with family and again joyful times. I have been staying with my cousin Sheila, and was able to celebrate with the family her 80th
birthday; many cousins again present. My travels by plane, train, and bus have fallen in place without a hitch. For mwe this has been such a special journey as we have few relative in the United States. The faith of our relatives run deep and I have felt richly blessed by the heritage of my family, our irish roots.

When I was on the train from Cork back to Dublin, I sat with a delightful gentleman from Belfast, a Presbyterian. I found our chat very informative as I must say I have never understood much about Northern Ireland. He laughed when I referred to Belfast as Ireland. He said I am British and Belfast is part of Northern Ireland, the UNITED KINGDOM!! OHHH! When I asked my cousin in London later if he was Englis or British, without hesitation he said "I AM IRISH"!! London IRISH!!!

I met with some former missionary friends of Guatemala in London and also Donegal. The bond of friendship of missionaries is very profound as we have shared so many realities, good and bad, in Central America, during very difficult times. We share so many common friends and it was wonderful to catch up.

I have one more very special missionary to connect with, a special aunt and a few more cousins. My journey here not over yet as I will also go to the Convent of the CSJP Congregation, of which I am an associate, in Rearsby England, and then back to New York.

Included a picture with former volunteers, Anne and Madge in Downtown London!
My cousin Sheila, on her 80th Birthday
SHEILA WITH HER SONS, Joe and Brenda, their wives, Gillian and Sunita and all the grandchildren!