Thursday, September 30, 2010


My days and nights in Ireland have gone so fast. From Dublin, to Donegal, to the shores of County Cork. I am tired but happy. It has been wonderful to be with cousins and share stories of our parents.
That generation is now in the HEAVENS with our GOD. Mom and dad were both born near the sea; both grandfathers were well known fishermen in the area. My dad, the only son sent to America, worked hard in the Butte Mines and died there so many years ago. He never was able to return home and could afford to send little money to his family, living difficult times in Ireland. There was no pot of gold for the immigrants then and that is still a reality for immigrants today. I brought mom home to IRELAND forty years ago and we were able to visit her siblings and families and also my dads so this is my second visit with most of my cousins. I had vowed to keep a diary of my days but that seemed impossible to slow and at the end of day I slept peacefully in the cool breeze and drizzle of rain on the window pane. I am off to London to visit more cousins and a few missionaries from Guatemala. Also a JOY for me. We have much to share and celebrate.
Yesterday, with a cousin on my moms side, we walked three miles on an almost deserted island where our family home still stands. Today I am in a small restaurant on a fishermans pier, waiting for the boat to come in, and back to Castletown Bere, County Cork, Ireland!

I miss dear friends in Guatemala and my cute little doggie, COCO.
I will be back with them soon. Pray for them as the rain pounds down and landslides continue to bring suffering in that part of the world.

Attatched; Photo of my cousin Mary Teresa of Castletown Bere, CORK in her kitchen,
Me and my cousin Nora in Pub in Carrick, DONEGAL
Picture of my moms home in Dursey Island, CORK and my Dads home in