Monday, September 20, 2010

On Vacation in New York

Friends and Family,
I was dismayed how one must walk in airports from one flight to another. I was rather exhausted when I finally arrived. My vacation has begun. I am in New York and it is wonderful to have computer access as it is impossible to leave it all behind. I know their are hurricaines brewing and stirring in the Atlantic and Pacific and it is good to be able to follow the happenings through the internett and Guatemalan papers and know friends are safe.

Yesterday I went to a parish picnic, here in Rochester NY with my sister's family, which was fun. Interestingly for me, her parish is named for the patron saint, ST THOMAS THE APOSTLE, the same as our parish in Guatemala. I was able to sell a few crafts for support of the Clinica Maxena en Guatemala and I am happy that my family has an interest in my mission vocation.

Tomorrow I leave for Ireland and I will be met by one of my cousins at the Dublin airport; we will travel together the first week as are off to Donegal, Ireland, the birthplace of my dad and his mom. I will also go to County Cork where my mom was born. I hope to have yas travel along with me and I will write and send some pictures.

Blessings, Sheila
Attatched Photo at St Thomas Apostle Parish in Rochester NY with my Niece Judy helping to sell Guatemala Crafts for Clinic.
Beautiful Rainbow from GOD at Niagra Falls.

Donations can be sent to note it is for the Clinica Maxena