Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rains cause Chaos and Deaths, affect Clnic

Friends and family,
This past week or so has been very difficult as the rains continue to pour out of the heavens and saturate the earth beneath our feet. Yesterday was brought saddness in the country as two major landslides took many lives as the dirt came down unexpectedly on a bus and also in another area many are missing still under the landslide; some were walking, some in cars. Pray for these families. These two incidents have closed one of major hiways from city, except for emergency vehicles.

Here in the mission our electrical system was hit by lightning. It took four days to get all wires changed and circuit boxes fixed, but just in time for arrival today of Opthamologists from US, who will perform surgeries in the CLINIC. We are blessed to have Martin, head of maintenance in the Clinic, as he performed a complex job as a professional. All his knowledge, in plumbing,construction and electricity, he has learned from visitors to our mission. We are especially grateful to Monty Giles, who had put in the present wiring at the Mission. We did a telephone conference for advice to Monty when Martin could not figure out why some circuit breakers still did not have correct voltage. THANK YOU MONTY!!

News informs that to the wheather in Guatemala, "the worst is yet to come", and in the month of September and October. Pray for the POOR whose homes are not made to withstand this rain and many have already lost many personal belongings and family members because of floods and landslides.

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I include a picture of Martin, working into the night, to solve the electrical problems at the Mission of the diocese of Helena,Montana, in Guatemala"