Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ophthamologists from CALIFORNIA arrive!

Friends and family,
Determination and committment to share their expertise with the Mayan population of Guatemala, brought a team of knowledgeable opthamologists to the Clinica Maxeña this week. This is the 15th year for the Eye Brigade to come and perform cataract and terigium surgeries; they come faithfully two times a year.

This year was a great challenge. The Ministry of Health is making it extremely difficult for volunteer doctors to enter medicines and surgical equipment, through customs, for these types of medical campaigns for the POOR! It appears related to the loss of finances through taxes that could be charged. Although the clinic filled all the necessary paper work as instructed, permission was not granted. However, thanks to faith and committment, this did not deter this Medical Team. They put all needed for the surgeries in their regular baggage and passed through customs as tourists.

The wheather is also a huge obstacle. Instead of a three hour journey from the city to the Mission, it took six hours. They had to wait in a line of cars for three hours to pass through a two mile dirt road detour because of a collapse of a bridge. Rains continue to cause landslides, floods and major highway damage.

The patients also were not deterred by the wheather obstacles. They are arriving in bus, car and on foot. Surgeries began Monday and will continue through friday.

Pray for a safe return of the Doctors and their medical assistants who have made this journey to provide this excellent service in the Clinica Maxeña.

Thanks also to Dr Joe Kuptco, Ophthamologist of Hamilton Montana, who made possible the construction of the Optamological operating room in the Clinica Maxeña, many years ago.

Love Sheila

Please send donations to: to assist us in care of patients in the Clinica Maxeña. Note that it is for the CLINIC.

Thank You and Blessings!

I attach three Photos!
Miguel gives instructions to the process of pre examination to the patients awaiting to be examined for possible surgery.

Dr Robert, assisted by his nurse wife, Nancy, perform cataract surgery in the operating room of the Clinica Maxeña.

An elderly cataract patient in one of dormitory beds in Mission.