Friday, January 28, 2011

Sustainable Agriculture Project

Friends and Family,

A New Year has dawned. This brings hope, excitement, energy to face new challenges and also to continue with previous goals, not yet achieved. One of our new Projects of the Clinica Maxeña is Sustainable Agriculture. Our workers are the first to benefit in initiating this project; their committment is to encourage others in their communities to learn from them. Hunger, under nourished children, increased poverty, unemployment, inflation of basic food products are reality. We realize the solution to be long lasting has to be achieved in a manner that is not dependent on others for continued charity but rather has its roots in their own culture.

Several of the workers have already built their chicken coops. The Clinica Maxeña provided materials for the structure and will provide 12 chickens to each worker and vaccine; then they are on their own to continue to feed and produce chickens and eggs for their own consumption. Agriculture Health Promotors of the Clinic will supervise and monitor different workers chicken projects. The Clinica Maxeña also is an active participant with chickens for the Clinica Maxeña Kitchen; workers from the Medicinal Nutritive garden will care for the Clinics chickens and these chickens will provide nutritious economical meals for patients and visitors to our Mission.

The next phase of the project is the sustainable vegetable and herb gardens. The purpose is again for consumption of the products in their own homes and to promote this project personally in their communities and as a clinic with our Nutrition Program for malnourished children. Stay tuned for PROGRESS!

Thank you for PRAYERS and FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO OUR WORK in the CLinica Maxeña!!

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