Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easer Vigil, EGGS, and Buenos Noches! Good Night

Friends and Family,
It is late. We are just back from Easter Vigil Mass, and short procession with the Image of the Resurrected Christ. Church with new white banners instead of the purple of yesterday, and altar adorned with gorgeous white blooms. Blessing of the new Fire, the water of Baptism, Easter Vigil candle, reading of the gospels, celebration of MASS; these are all part of celebration of Easter, all over the World, for those who share our Faith tradition. Great to share coffee and tacos after procession with friends of the parish. Back to the mission to indulge in one dyed egg before heading to bed. Tomorrow a new day. The newspaper is not printed on Holy Thursday or Good Friday. A relief with the violence that daily occurs here. In some parts of Guatemala there are actually some truces honored by some gang members during Holy Week. Tomorrow the newspaper will bring the news, hopefully good news of some peace efforts among peoples. Pray for PEACE!

Tomorrow, EASTER SUNDAY, is Ham dinner and a touch of wine to celebrate as a Mission family! HAPPY EASTER to all and to all a good night. love Sheila

Included foto of Sr Anna before altar in church; Youth carrying statue of Resurrected Christ in streets following easter vigil; Sr Anna admiring the eggs!