Friday, October 28, 2011


Friends and Family,
To share a bit about WORLD DAY OF HUNGER, OCTOBER 16, 2011 for the Clinica Maxeña

We were determined not to let the rains and clouds overhead dampen our spirit as we began saturday preparations to commemorate World Day of Hunger. Clinic personell and Mission folk were preparing 15 delicious dishes of food and drink in different homes and ovens.

A beautiful photo display was placed at the Church entrance and our booths and clinic workers filled the small enclosed yard. The photos were of our successful project of Sustainable Agriculture. The focus was the five large baskets on the Mayan nutritive herb, Berro, lined in front of the booths. This was the first harvest of this healthy herb, also with medicinal properties, and also part of our Nutritional Project for malnourished children.

We also promoted our very own nutritous, hot drink, "Atole Maxeña", which is made from ground and toasted soy, corn, rice, wheat, mush, and peanuts.

Music played as Chico offered lively information of World Day of Hunger and of our project of Sustainable Agriculture.

The Day climaxed with a Raffle: the first prize was Cinnamon, a Siberian Husky puppy, whose father is CHAJINEL, a mission guard dog. Second prize was an ONIL stove, which we promote in our Envionmental Project. This stove uses little firewood and has a chimney which prevents many of the pulmonary diseases we encounter.

As the people began to disperse, with clouds still hanging overhead and a light drizzle of rain, the clinic personell began to give as gift to the elderly, bunches of the herb BERRO. Earlier in the day many purchased this herb which is used in salads, stews and patties, cooked over the open fire.

Attatched are pictures of the day. Blessings¡

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Love sheila