Sunday, May 20, 2012


Friends and family,

We put our Campus Ministry students and Fr. Val, chaplain from Montana state University, on the Plane on Friday; we welcomed "Engineers without Borders", Carroll College Chapter, on Saturday, to our Mission of the Diocese of Helena, Montana, in Guatemala. The Engineers without Borders group  are here to do a project in our Junior, Senior High School, Asuncion; they will reinforce the walls to with stand earth quake tremors in the school library.  A very important precautionary measure.  There are two Engineers and nine students from Carroll College.

Our time with the Campus Ministry group from Montana State University was a delightful time of sharing and having fun.  They played soccer in the rain with our Clinic Team.  The score was tied; 7 to 7.  The five girls of Montana State made six of their seven goals. YEA for the Ladies!  They visited the school, Asuncion, played basket ball and hiked to the water falls near by.  They participated in several masses, including two in villages with lunches served by the communities. They spent a day in the Clinica Maxeña, learning about our health program. They went to our sustainable agricultural project in a village and worked with our team, clearing some more land for planting vegetables; a hard days work digging up some banana trees and coffee bushes.  Thanks so MUCH!

At the end of their time, we traveled to Lake Atitlan.  We stayed two days in a simple hostal, and walked about this indigenous town; the town is famous for beautiful paintings, carvings and weavings.  We crossed the lake in a Launch to another town, San Pedro, which also has many cultural sites, including a beautiful church with a huge statue of St Peter, surrounded by a gorgeous parish garden, with beautiful flowers and trees. The highlight was a mass celebrated by Father Val in the chapel, bedroom, where Father Stan Rother of the Oklahoma Diocese was assasinated by the Guatemalan Military in 1981. His case for Martydom  has been presented to Rome this past July by the Guatemalan Catholic Church.

We are blessed with the Love of these visitors who share their time, talent and treasure with us.  You can also help us by your prayers and donations.  Please donate on line at:   NOTE FOR THE CLINICA MAXEÑA

Love sheila!