Thursday, May 10, 2012



MOTHERS DAY in my home was always a special Holiday.  Mom loved Mothers Day and she loved receiving presents.  She used to say; BE GOOD to MOM; you will miss me when I am gone!  We certainly do but we know she is in God's GLORY with my DAD and she is at peace!.

Here Mother's Day is also special.  Moms are not expected to work this day.  I am not sure if it is a Labor Law but it is certainly has always been honored in our Clinic. Today at dawn, loud speakers, music and bombs awakened the population to the celebration.  Schools celebrate on different days but in town the new Mayor sent his workers door to door with a red rose for each mom.  There are 13,000 population so I am sure it was not all moms that received the honor of the Rose at their door.  Our kitchen and laundry workers were very gracious to work today for our guests. We are hosting 10 students of Montana State University Campus Ministry, from Bozeman, MT. and their Chaplain, Father Val.

This morning, our guests from Montana State University, and ten of our clinic workers, went to our little plot of farming land in a nearby village. This is part of our sustainable agricultural and nutrition project. This land was loaned to us by one of our workers, Maria, an auxilliar nurse in the Clinica Maxena,  to plant a demonstrative organic vegetable and herb garden. Today our intent was to prepare an extension of the adjacent land for more vegetables. It was necessary to knock down some bananna trees and remove some coffee bushes, which Maria the owner of this small plot had approved.   In 2011 we had two successful harvests of  the herb WATER CRESS or BERRO in this garden and shared the harvest with the moms and children in our nutrition class and also the Diabetic Club.  We also presented Berro in our promotion of organic foods during World Day of Hunger. We have also another demonstrative garden of organic vegetables on our Mission Property.  This project is a success and extending our garden is important with the increase hunger and need to continue to encourage the population to return to planting MOTHER EARTH!

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