Saturday, January 19, 2013


Good evening Friends and Family,

Christmas Decorations are down.  I think every one misses the lights, family and friends, posadas, good food and the Joy of the Holidays.  There is always a rush when year ends and New Year breaks open.

Not one for resolutions but moving on with unfinished tasks.  A new optimism to achieve more, to live in a more peaceful just world.  To grow older more graciously. To grow closer to my family, especially my nieces and nephews.  To travel one more time to the Donegal Irish sea shore.  To cherish more deeply my Irish roots; to ride again the cable car across the bay to the Dursey Island, and walk to the end of the island, to my mom's neighborhood.  I PRAY to be more focused in my work  in the clinic.

Our mission is nearing 50 years of existence.  As Church, we have accomplished much.  We have witnessed much suffering; internal armed conflict for more than 30 years, earthquake in 76 with thousands killed in 33 seconds,  huracaines and now wave of daily crime and violence.  But yes we feel the presence of GOD in our lives and world here.

Yesterday, at the end of the work day we celebrated the 23rd birthday with a special patient and friend of many of us at the Clinic. You would have heard of her if you check Face Book of the Clinica Maxeña.  Reyna celebrated 23 years of life.  She invited clinic workers to celebrate with her.  She bought the cakes and I added some pop and ice cream and a candle.  Our clinic band provided music and sang the Mañanitas, a very popular HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, celebrating ones birthday.  Each worker rose and walked to the front of the room and hugged Reyna. The room became quiet as Reyna began to talk in a quiet voice.  Reyna thanked us for being a part of her life and helping her during the time of the birth of her baby, when no one else was helping.  We added joy and importance to her being, as she said, "you gave me an inheritance", my baby.  Because of her epilepsy and being a single mom, she was abandoned by her family much of her life and more so when she needed them most. She returned from the hospital to our clinic with her baby and lived there for two months.  One of our workers assisted in the reconciliation by her family. We taught her how to care for her baby, JAUANA. The clinic also improved her living conditions; our maintenance man partitioned off space in the family kitchen, where she had been living, put up a door, light, and a cement floor and we provided her a bed and cupboard. She is doing very well.  Her baby now weighs ten pounds, smiles and a very happy baby.  She comes always to the clinic for her medication for epilepsy.  She is attentive to her baby's needs.  She supplements breast milk with formula, which we provide.  We of the Clinica Maxeña are pleased and proud to have been there for her when she needed our presence.  We are richly blessed by patients like Reyna. THANK YOU, REYNA.  Thank YOU also for walking this journey with us with prayers and donations.  Check out our Facebook page! Clinica Maxeña.  Check out our Guatemala Mission page on the Diocese of Helena Montana Web Page. DONATE ON LINE.  Blessings for a wonderful 2013.

Sheila McShane