Sunday, February 3, 2013


Friends and Family,

Busy around mission front as we host our Bishop of the Diocese of Helena, Montana.  Important for all of us as changes around us and future not all that certain.  We approach our Golden Anniversary as a Mission in 2014.  All of us are SENIORS, except our new Pastor. We are affected by the economy as our Health and Education Projects confront greater needs with the increase of poverty and hunger.  The property of the Mission is also in need of repairs. Spirit of workers fluctuate as they also affected economically and one senses not all on board with our MISSION for the POOR.  They too want higher salaries and more security.

Government Hospitals are in crisis. I discharged one young woman in largest National Hospital in Guatemala City as services came to a halt. NO antibiotics, NO surgeries being scheduled, so she like all patients, just occupying the bed but health needs not being met. I had her operated in a private clinic for one thousand dollars which I will mostly pick up personally. She is now home recuperating and comfortable.  Yesterday and elderly man came with a severe laceration and hemorrhage from a machete wound from cutting firewood. His arm was bundled but did not want to disturb dressing so sent for ambulance and quick Intravenous solution started as showing signs of shock. At peace that he made it to hospital emergency room for treatment.

A few days ago we learned that one of directors of our Parish School is in city with his 12 year old daughter and sad news of Leukemia diagnosis.  We have requested a bed in the Cancer hospital for children but she is still waiting in a National Hospital nearby.  We are fortunate to have good contacts in the Pediatric Cancer center and she hopefully will be transferred there tomorrow.  This Cancer Center is excellent and funded by a foundation.

Good meeting with our Bishop and Administrative team of Clinic.  Some issues not resolved but at least being discussed. Prayer and Patience needed.

We hope to open a small center near Clinic next week.  We will call it "Casa de BUEN VIVIR" that is
"House of Good Life".  This small construction from Bamboo will be used for PROMOTION of organic vegetables from our garden, our Medicinal teas and shampoos, our ONIL stove and ONIL water purifier, and organic snacks. We will sell our nutritious drink, ATOL MAXEÑA and cool organic drinks.  Some favorite organic drinks we share with our Bishop on his visit to the clinic; one made from oranges and carrots and another from beets, lemon, and chay.  Each morning for a few hours different workers will give different talks and health advice.

Next week we will attend our first meeting with other parish health representative in Pastoral Health of our Diocese here.  This ministry of our Faith helps us keep focus in serving the POOR and also sharing of ideas, prayer, and resources.

Blessings and have a GOOD SUNDAY.

Love Sheila