Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feliza arrives back to clinic!

Good evening!
Well this evening Feliza and her dad arrived from Guatemala City on the town bus. It was wonderful to see her look more healthy. Her feet and abdomen are no longer swollen. She is on several medications for tuberculosis. We thought that she would be referred to a Tuberculosis Hospital but actually we are more comfortable to have her here near where her family can be with her. She has been given enough medicine for two weeks and she has an appointment in the Infectious disease clinic in the largest government Hospital in the city. We will accompany her to this appointment. Her dad will go home tomorrow and Feliza will stay with us in the clinic. They are a very poor family and we know her diet would not be adequate at home. We have a kitchen worker who is from a village and lives at the mission during the week so she will assist in watching over her. On my last visit to the city she had asked for a doll. I was a bit surprised as her previous request was for high heels. My clinic accountant and chofer, as I do not drive in the city, laughed when I looked surprised, and his response, GET HER A DOLL!! Of course I did and she is very happy with her doll which is dressed in indigenous attire.

Today we also had the visit of a Swedish Organization that we are hopeful will fund an extension of our environmental project. Please keep this in prayer. Our stove project is very important to us and we have also included request for a nutrition project as hunger increases and we are supplementing more and more malnourished infants with milk and protein drink. We provide nutrition classes and ideally we would want to provide family vegetable gardens. Thank you for prayer and support.
GOOD NIGHT!! I leave you with a photo of Feliza and her DOLLY. love sheila