Saturday, August 29, 2009

Violence and Crime invade Guatemala

Good Morning,
It is Saturday morning. Guatemala is in the international and national news for the surge of crime, extorsions, and assasinations. This week it was close to home. An evangelical Pastor, his wife, and young niece were assasinated on the road to a town about 15 miles from Santo Tomas. They are our neighbors, as the church he pastors, and their home, is right across the entrance to our Mission. Family arrived at dawn from the States. Tomorrow they will move their loved ones to be buried in the town of origin. The motive of the assasinations appears to have been over Land. We sent conodolences and flowers. Extorsions of owners of buses and small taxis is happening all over the country and also in this community. This is very sad and frightening for all the people. Please keep this dear country in prayer. Hunger and malnutrition are in the news daily. The poor are suffering greatly with the economic crisis and lack of work. Many are being deported from the United States so that source of supplement of income is also disappearing. Our clinic daily provides more charity and sees more patients and children suffering effects of poverty and malnutrition. We are grateful for financial support and prayers.