Saturday, November 7, 2009

Concerns and Joys as year comes to end

Friends and Family,
Greetings from here amidst the drizzling rains. We escaped Hurricaine IDA except for the constant wet soggy ground around us. A concert and meditation on the Eucharist had to be moved to the patio of the school from our mission grounds because of the wheather. It was a joyous celebration with over three hundred in attendance. Fr Martin is campus ministry chaplain for the Diocesan University in San Salvador; during the week he, with his band and sololists, travel nationally and internationally carrying his Ministry of the Blessed Sacrament and joyful music to all.

Also it was the culmination of a successful year for Pastoral Health of the diocese of which the Clinica Maxe├▒a is a vibrant participant. The Clinic Band brought joy and music to the event and to the mass celebrated by Bishop Pablo Vizcaino. Health themes for the Clinic this past year included Safe Water Project, Nutrition, Environmental issues, which includes the wood burning stove, reforestation, and also AIDS, and Diabetes. Coming together with other health workers from other parishes enables one to learn from each other, share concerns, prayer, and hope for a more just world for the sick and poor.

In the clinic as the year ends we are also looking at our financial situation for the year to come, evaluating workers and contracts and planning end of year festivities. The Gospel reminds of the reality that the POOR will always be with us. As CHURCH we cannot and do not refuse treatment to patients. Realities are that more and more patients are charitable cases so we must continue to ask others to accompany us in our Ministry here in order to provide quality care. THANK YOU!!

The Feast of St Thomas, Patron saint of the town and our parish is celebrated December 21. The parish staff hosts a christmas party for workers and pastoral health and social committees plan the Christmas Party for the elderly which is celebrated on the Mission grounds.

Another celebration of 50 years in mission is being celebrated by the Diocese of Spokane Washington in the highlands, about three hours by highway travel. Now one is able to go up a rugged dirt road up the mountains from our mission and arrive in half the time. Alex, our volunteer, went to the first day of the celebration. I hope also to join the festivities on Thursday if I can find someone to accoumpany me. Our mission is three years from a Golden Jubilee celebration.

I include a picture of our band in the diocese Retreat center near the adjacent water fall and also one of myself with Sr Immaculata; she is from Ireland and the Spokane Mission. We have been friends for many years, since the beginnings of both our Missions.
Good Night to all!