Sunday, November 15, 2009


Good Morning to all!
I am up early; it is Sunday morning. This weekend was difficult. Friday, at the end of the day, Francisco, a nine year old child arrived in the arms of his father. He was severely malnourished, weighing only 41 pounds. Ever, our doctor, examined him and started intravenous fluids for his dehydration. Francisco was acutely ill. He had surgery three weeks ago for a perforated appendix, resulting in peritonitis. He was hospitalized in the government hospital for two weeks. It appears he was discharged with intestinal complications and the family was told to find a private doctor. Unfortunately they waited nearly ten days before arriving to the Clinic. THIS WAS PROBABLY FOR ECONOMIC REASONS OR FOR RELIGION. He was suffering from an intestinal obstruction, apparently since the time of his discharge; the only solution was another surgery. The family would not go to the government hospital again. The family consented to allow him to have the surgery and a surgeon of confidence for the clinic agreed to see him Saturday morning. He was in weakened condition and his life hung on by a thread. I accompanied them to this clinic. Saturday afternoon two doctors performed four hours of surgery. The doctor called me to share his condition was complicated by the degree of obstruction and adhesions and severe malnutrition but he felt he would be ok. Three hours later he called to inform me that his organs were failing. He died at 9PM. I was sad as I thought he would be ok. Please pray for this family and all little children here whose health care is not assured. Thank You for helping us respond to these needs. Enclosed I share a photo I took of Francisco with his parents before the surgery, in this private clinic.