Sunday, November 15, 2009


The United Nations and the World Health Organization proclaimed November 14 WORLD DIABETES DAY! This disease is now a world epidemic. The theme for 2009-2013 is "Understand Diabetes" "Take Control"!! For Diabetics it is a message about EMPOWERMENT through EDUCATION. Over 1000 Diabetics have passed through our lab services and consult in the Clinica Maxeña during 2009.

The Clinica Maxeña participates in WORLD HEALTH days, including DAY for AIDS, DAY of the ENVIRONMENT, and now for DIABETES. We hang a banner for the month across the width of our road at the entrance of the MISSION. This year, we invited many to commemorate this Day for Diabetes, which included known Diabetics, persons who feel they have the symtoms or risks, and relatives of diabetics who feel they may have this disease. We were pleased with the response to our forum and day of exposition for Diabetes. We advertised about our event and the symptoms and risks of diabetes through the clinic, local communal radios and printed flyers to other health organizations. Eight new patients were diagnosed DIABETIC during our commemoration of World Diabetes Day; over 60 persons attended. One youth of 17 years, a new diabetic, came to the forum. He was being managed by a pharmacy in town on oral medication. Yesterday we initiated his insulin regimen in our clinic as he is a type one diabetic and this is vital for his future health. We will look for a sponsor for him as the cost for insulin dependent Diabetics is approximately $30. dollars a month; this is impossible for families who are field workers who only earn $7.00 a day!

We had a young Mayan Psychologist who spoke on the emotional effects of this disease. I reviewed some of the physical symptoms, risks and complications of diabetes. Our exposition presented medicinal plants and the nutritional aspects. Members of our Diabetic Club, LA MAXEÑA, prepared the diabetic snack for the participants. We considered the day a SUCCESS!!

Included is a photo of Diego, 17 years old and new insulin dependent diabetic. He is in his third year of Junior High in town. If you can help Diego with $30. dollars a month this would enable him to not worry about his disease and lead a normal life.

In the second Photo, one of Members of our Diabetic CLUB, LA MAXEÑA, shares her experience with living with DIABETES!

Donations can be sent to:
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