Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Opthamology Team arrives for surgeries!

Friends and family,
This past weekend the Opthamology team arrived for EYE surgeries; this project began in the Clinica Maxeña by Sr Mary Waddell in 1996. Twice a year, Opthamologists and surgical nurses have come from California. The Opthamology Surgery Unit, in the Clinica Maxeña, was constructed by Opthamologist, Joe Kupko from Hamilton, Montana in 1992. It was with great joy we welcomed these doctors at the Guatemalan Airport. This is the first surgical team that are mostly Montana Opthamologists.

One of the Doctors had missed a flight and was not with the TEAM. Bob Singer, from California, is known and loved by all at our Mission and in the Clinica Maxeña. Bob is 80 years old and has been coming with the Eye Team since its beginning. Myself and Miguel stayed to be at airport the next day to welcome BOB; he emerged smiling despite his long journey with lots of baggage of donated eye items for the Clinic.
Bob is retired now from his Opthamology practice but works as a voluteer math teacher in a California grade school where his daughter is a teacher. Here at the Mission he rises early to walk up town with others to buy the breakfast bread! His PRESENCE is a JOY and EXAMPLE for all. THANK YOU BOB! and all the Opthamology TEAM!!

The Opthamology Team are:
Bob Singer, California
Martin Fishman, California
Timothy McInnis, Montana
Joseph Kupko, Montana
Aaron Alme, Montana

Rosaria Camp
Connie Dey Rose
Nancy Alvarez Sims
Sr Mary Waddell
Dianne Kupko, Assistant!


Included the photo of Opthamologist, Bob Singer at work in the Clinica Maxeña
Also Bob greets my dog, COCO, on way up to the clinic.

Stay tuned for more news of Eye Surgeries at the Clinica Maxeña; FEBRUARY 2011