Friday, February 18, 2011

Time Flies by this week in Clinic with Cataract Surgeries a Blesssing for Many!

Friends and Family,

Today is the last day of the Surgical Operations for Patients who live near and far from La Clinica Maxeña. We do advertise in other communities so more poor people have this opportunity. The GIFT of SIGHT is something we take for granted often until it is too late. Here also is the reality that it is indeed a LUXURY to have eye surgery, or any elective surgery for the POOR, as there is NO Health Care Insurance in this country. The National Health Service has Hospitals throughout the Country, including one about 15 miles from our Mission. They are poorly equipped and staffed so there are frequent Strikes by the workers and constant budget crisis with the National Congress. They have more Doctors for Medical consult in government clinics in most of the large communities now but again few medications to dispense. The cost of Cataract surgery is approximately 70 Dollars in our clinic; those who cannot pay are not charged. I will include some statistics and end of day.

Thank You for your interest in our Mission Clinic. Thanks very much for the generosity of the Opthamologic Team, for their financial and giving of SELF!
There are many joyful people who can now see more clearly the BEAUTIFUL WORLD around them due to eye surgery this week in the CLINICA MAXEÑA!