Sunday, June 5, 2011

June, the month of RAIN! and activities here at the Mission.

Friends and Family,
We are now in the rainy season or our winter. Skies are overcast and usually rains are heavy in the afternoons! If you are not accustomed to carry an umbrella, you do get drenched! In the clinic we do see many more upper respiratory illnesses and fevers. We have not yet begun to diagnose dengue but it is showing up in other parts of country. Dengue is result of a mosquito bite and found where water pools, such as in old tires or puddles. Many bridges have not been repaired and highways still have detours from landslides from Storm Agatha in 2010! As the President of country remarked, "we are not prepared for another disaster!" Keep that in prayer.

Life is busy as we prepare the celebration of 50th anniversary of priesthood of our pastor, Fr Hazy, which is scheduled for June 11th. He has dedicated his life here, now 84 years old and 47 years in Guatemala. We expect a huge turnout with Mass, music, bands, and food.

We are expecting a German volunteer at the Mission, from the Diocese here in Guatemala, in June for a few weeks; she will study nutritive plants, especially herbs, and their prevalence in the mountain villages. We are hopeful to be able to use this information as we move forward in our sustainable agriculture project, related to our nutritional needs for malnourished children.

Needs are great and we respond to them in the spirit of faith and knowing that there are many who are there to help the poor in their needs. Thank you for your presence in our lives here in our Mission in Guatemala!

Today I made a quick run to the National Hospital to visit one of our patients, Juana, who we had sent Friday by ambulance. She is 15 years old, the mother of a three month old baby that she had by cesarean; she is now suffering from acute gallbladder disease with stones, anemia and requires surgery. She has no maternal milk and her three month old infant is surviving on breast milk of a neighbor, who is breast feeding her own baby. I was glad I had gone as I encountered the family, who were fearful of surgery, in the National Hospital and wanted to discharge her since her acute pain had improved. I am hopeful that I convinced them that she must have the surgery; I assured them that we will accompany her and that I know the surgeon and that he is very competent. More prayers!!

Good Night! Love from Guatemala! Sheila

Attatched a Photo of our priest, Fr Hazy outside a mountain parish church. And a bit of reality of the rainy seasons with friends of University of Montana Campus Ministry, walking in the rain!