Monday, June 27, 2011

Manuel, 12 yr old child, needs Prayer!

Manuel has been in the Roosevelt hospital for two weeks. He is a student in junior high at our parish school, Asuncion. As previously explained in my blog on May 20, 2011, Manuel has an apparent benign nasopharangeal tumor. We had difficulty convincing the grandparents to allow him to go to the city to this hospital for the surgery. The child was staying with his paternal grandparents. They insisted he could not go to the city and they and their church community would pray for his recovery. The child, after suffering pain and nasal hemorrhage, decided to move in with his maternal grandparents, who said he could have the surgery and the grandfather would accompany him during his hospitalization. His mother has died and his father is eight years in the USA as an undocumented immigrant. Manuel has two younger siblings.

Two weeks has past in the hospital and we maintain daily phone conversation with the grandfather and also frequent communication with the Pediatric surgeon, Dr Gonzales. Manuels surgery is anticipated to be delicate and requires a specialist. The chief of Pediatric surgery in Roosevelt Hospital, Dr Gonzales, is a friend of our clinic. He did his student practice as a resident under the supervision of the the Clinica Maxena many years ago. Such friends, in high positions, have been a real asset to our clinic in making references to hospitals in Guatemala City. Dr Gonzales told me today he had chosen a more experienced surgeon for this delicate operation. He is requesting transfer of Manuel to the Catholic private hospital in Guatemala City for the surgery. He said he would arrange with the administration that there will be no charge to the patient for the service. We are hopeful the surgery will take place this week. We ask for your prayers for Manuel. This tumor is highly vascular and he could possibly have hemorrhage during the operation.

Tomorrow I will go to the city and bring Manuel some of his studies from his teachers in Asuncion and also written greetings from his class companions. We will visit with his grandfather also to give him encouragement and support. Manuel is from a village high up in the mountains and he had been commuting daily to school.

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Update: I enclose a picture of Manuel in his hospital bed in Pediatrics. We still have no news of impending surgery. Keep him in prayer. thank you!